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At the crossroads where legend and hype meet

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About the colors:

Red is used to indicate that a particular story is bogus.  In quotations it means that the words are fake–misattributed, distorted, or interpolated.

Purple is used to indicate that a quotation is removed from its alleged source. It is something that has been attributed to him or her, but has passed through someone else’s memory, usually after time has gone by.

Brown indicates that the quotation is essentially the author’s words, but so edited and juxtaposed as to give a false impression of what the author was saying. The quotation has been taken out of context, key words have been omitted, or valid quotations have been edited together to form an invalid quotation.

Blue indicates a quotation that is close to genuine, but may have problems with precise wording, silent omissions (that do not distort the meaning; a key silent omission earns the red designation), or it may be used to designate the genuine portion of a mangled quotation.

What People Are Saying About “Fake History”

The web site is so bad the web site owner will not identidy who they are, instead going by initials. … A project dedicated to providing mis information about Christians and history.

“steven anderson”

…I enjoyed reading about Rev Jonas Clark’s account of 9th April, 1775, so something good came out of it.


It must definitely be fake [if t]he renowned historian called “posted by sbh” said so.

[Anonymous Troll]

Exactly WHO is “sbh?” Exactly WHAT credentials does “sbh” have?


Read and enjoy.


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